Why we made this decision and some of our considerations

Some reasons for full time RV-ING included the fact that our lifestyle, jobs and choices meant that regular retirement was not in the cards. For many years we did jobs such as foster care, day care and running a group home full time. These jobs while rewarding most of the time and offering a feeling of being fulfilled much of the time, did little to enhance our financial situation.

When these jobs ended after years, we went into a business where we contracted with counties to work with the teens transitioning out of foster care and later on with whole families considered at risk. While more lucrative in pay, we still could not get to the point where saving any significant amount was possible. We did the job because we liked it and also we wanted to use our skills to help others. Had we been able to keep doing these businesses, financial stability would have been more possible, but just about the time it appeared that it might be a possibility, the funding for programs were cut. Even though we had much success, we still were not able to count on grants as situations change every year and anything that works is somehow usually forgotten for something still being tested. But a blog is not enough room to explore that topic, that would take at least a whole book.

There never were large salaries or any way to save much money. There really was no reasonable or affordable retirement plan.We dealt with years of health problems which limited my working at many jobs on a regular basis, but workamping is a shorter term commitment so we believe we can make it work as long as we chose our assignments carefully.Wise or not, we put lots of other things before making money and are now reaping the rewards or lack thereof as a result, but, this is really a wonderful happenstance as it forces us to think outside the box and re-evaluate our lifestyle.It makes a drastic move like this possible without being too painful. Those that have a lot, especially in the way of financial security, could probably never be so unconventional as this.To make this move, you still need a different set of priorities than the average person. Do lots of soul searching when contemplating this life- changing decision.

We are renting so there is no home to dispose of or decide to keep or not.I suspect if we had one at this time the only feasible way to make this work would be to not keep it. Selling it, if you have one, gives you more money to start on an adventure like this, but if kept has several drawbacks since it would need to be maintained.Lack of use and being an absent homeowner, means someone else would need to also act as an agent for you in light of needed repairs. While on the road,you may always have the uneasy feeling someone could try to reside in it while you are away or damage your property in some way.At any rate that will not be a problem for us.

When we say we are getting ready for this adventure, it is mainly in the preparations for leaving this home and the research for finding the best methods and ideas for this new lifestyle. Simultaneously, we are checking out travel brochures and talking to people to glean whatever info they have about interesting places and ideas for aiding in the change to this lifestyle. Almost the very last item of preparation will be before our scheduled date of departure in the middle of May. It will be to purchase a very old motor home so we are doing lots of investigating now, but cannot act upon it till almost the last minute.

This blog is meant to talk about ideas and ways of preparing ourselves for this life altering lifestyle. Once we are on the road,we intend to share info as to the great and lousy places we encountered, the wonderful people or those we would sooner forget and the lessons learned along the way.We are hoping it will be informative and entertaining.

Let me say, we are certainly not experts and will value comments from everyone who is an expert or who at least are living the lifestyle. Please share your positive ideas, wishes and feel free to offer hope and solutions. Keep the rudeness and negativity out so we may all benefit from this blog.More soon!

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