A Few First Purchases

RV Blog-January 2, 2015-A  Few First Purchases

Since my family knew we are downsizing and will soon change our lifestyle; we received a few gift cards and net spending ones for Christmas. That enabled us to get a start on some of the items we wish to purchase. We decided to focus on some of the basic stuff we wanted to include in our inventory. Since we do not have the motor home yet and do not expect to have it too long before we leave, we focused on basic stuff. It has been many, many years since we camped or RV-ed so we have nothing and must start at the beginning.

We began our search at Camping World. While we know their prices are probably higher there, we knew they would have a great selection. One of our cards was specifically for that store so that is where we began our acquisition of supplies. After a long look through the store, we decided to save money immediately by joining the Good Sam Club. They had a great special which actually meant we got two years membership for the price of one. We know we will need to purchase many items at the beginning and our need for shopping here will not go away any time soon.

This was a basic but, more fun trip. I know future purchases may be of a more practical nature, a necessity. We know the future will hold the task of purchasing parts, equipment and repairs, but that was not what this trip was about. Until we actually have the motor home, we will not know what is needed. So that too will be shopping done closer to the departure date.

After much discussion, we began by focusing on the cooking aspect of our journey. My desire is to be able to cook under any circumstances and by many methods. Of course, we will have a stove inside the motor home which will allow us to do traditional cooking.

For inside, we found a tiny, 7 inch electric fry pan. We think this will be helpful in letting us make smaller portions as that is one of our long term goals to get to a healthier weight.

Eventually, we will also buy a small grill to take with us. A little one should be fine as there is only two of us.

I want to get prepared to cook over a fire as well so bought a small beginning set of newer blue granite ware cookware to get started. These could also be used inside, but we will purchase some new light weight nesting pans. It also will be used on the camp stove. I know one thing I want is the grill that hangs from a tripod to use over a campfire, but it was not purchased on this trip. My daughter has a very sturdy tripod that holds a decent sized cast iron dutch oven, but did not find the right combination yet so that is on hold. We will need a smaller one so the one in the cook set may work on a lighter tripod.

At Sportsman’s Warehouse we made some other purchases. We also will cook out on the picnic table, so we bought a small propane camping cook stove. Our aim is not to start with the most expensive equipment, but have something to begin with and later we can upgrade if necessary or desired. One of the important features of our new lifestyle is to be unworried about money so budget buying is necessary. If we at some time find we do not want or need something, we will eliminate and sell it.

When we cooked on a grill in the UP, we made fish quite often in a grilling apparatus that lets you cook more delicate items without them falling through or burning on the grill. We are anticipating lots of fishing in our new life so are hoping to give this a work out. Have any great fish recipes to share, please let us know. We bought a medium sized one since it could be used for many foods and can be turned for even cooking.

Although, it has nothing to do with food, at Camping World we also purchased a directory of all their and other camp grounds as well as valuable money off coupons. This was also at a reduced price so we believed it was a good time to buy it.

No shopping trip is complete without something fun and basically unnecessary. We bought a short string of lights here to hang on the camper. Our first set are retro looking motor homes. They are adorable. I’m sure along the way, we will purchase a few more sets. Though not a necessity but, certainly something to add to the enjoyment of the experience especially when we are set up more long term.

Looking forward to all comments.


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