Simple Things for Simple Minds

I try to tell myself that I’m a reasonably smart person, but sometimes the simplest things elude me. Such as my newest project to find the easiest and most efficient way to store things. Since I learned before the hard way, that space is limited in a motor home, I thought I would get a much better grip on things to start with so I have begun simple experiments to figure out what storage ideas would really work the best for our particular situation.

So I said to myself, “Self, why wait to try things out till we are in the motor home? Let me start right now while in a house, though small, with much more storage than we expect to have in our new lifestyle.”

Though at this point I cannot boast a ton of clothes, I intend to have at least what I need and some items just for the heck of it as part of my wardrobe when living in the confined area of a camper. Also, knowing how I love to shop, I expect to still have a growing wardrobe but, to be more selective in choices. I believe simpler activities and dressing will be part of the new lifestyle and should result in more wearing of items before laundering, with the exception of under things. Laundromats are not a favorite place so we need more time between visits.

When traveling and using a suitcase I have always taken advantage of rolling up items to keep them from wrinkling bad. Somehow, this simple idea never made it at home into my drawers. So I began to do that(rolling up clean clothing items) and these are the results I have noticed.

In the first place, it makes drawers so organized and neat. There is no longer a search for items because in most cases you can see them at first glance. Neat little rolls of socks, undies or pj’s means the clutter is gone. My drawers no longer look like I stole drugs from a drug dealer and they intend to find them before killing me for that disreputable act. Guess they really do have honor among thieves and stealing from them is a no no. As the movie claims, they will take out my entire bloodline for such a mistake. Anyway, I digress.

Second is the fact that you know when you are running low on something instead of digging through the piles to realize you have no socks for today or even worse clean underwear. This is a boon to laundry since you can actually figure out when you need to do some instead of leaving it to chance.

Thirdly, there is a good chance that by rolling items up, you can actually get more in a drawer in relation to the former methods used of throwing them in or getting everything unfolded as you search for that missing sock.

Fourth, they do tend to get less wrinkled if put away by this method; keeping me from the need for ironing or as my daughter and I say, using the great big white iron next to the washer. It can actually save extra time in keeping clothes ready for wearing. Unless you are a big fan of ironing, this method is definitely for you.

Those are the obvious pros but, there are a couple of cons to this simple method. First one is that it works less great for heavy items like sweatshirts. For me the room taken up in the drawer is too much and in a motor home where drawers are even less shallow would not work well. My solution is they will be hung up on hangers instead.

The second fault I can find with this new system is that in some case like tee shirts, you may have trouble identifying them if you have several of one color. You may need to unroll one, if looking for a particular one. When it does not matter, just grab one that’s all.

For my husband who is a great AC/DC fan, we have lots of black tee shirts. So he will need to often need to unroll them to find the exact shirt wanted. At this point I separate the plain ones from the printed design ones so they can be found easier. Do not know if our motor home storage will allow for that separation.

The only other problem with this I can see is the fact that my husband is colorblind and that problem exists no matter how clothes are put in a drawer.

Anyway, one simple task is decided upon as the result of my experiment proving that this simple measure would work best. Simple solutions for simple minds!

Please let me know of any great tips you have for storing clothing.


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