Our Domicile State

January 9th, 2015-Blog

Deciding on a domicile state. After much deliberation, we have decided our state will be South Dakota. The choice was pretty easy since they seem to have the qualifications we are looking for as far as great fees or a place free of taxes and reasonable vehicle registration. There are other reasons we considered this state which are more personal such as being closer to our daughter.

We wanted to spend some time in that area since there are so many sights to see and places to explore. It is also one state we have never visited before. We have never seen the Badlands or Mount Rushmore so we are anxious for those things to be early accomplishments on our travel itinerary. There really is a lot of places on our bucket list.

From the travel brochures there really looks to be tons to see and do in that area and we will probably spend a month in one area when we leave. The first part of our adventure needs to be fun and interesting. We are looking for a place that offers all we need as far as relaxation and a change of scenery. We believe this area will fill the bill.

We have little travel under our belt so know several parts of the country we wish to visit, but where to start was a puzzle. Now that we know where we will use as our legal address, we can go there first and register our motor home and car there.

Our next move is to learn more about the mail services recommended and get details on RV insurance.We need to compare features and prices. Till we have the exact motor home, the insurance will be just a general idea.

We have begun to check work camper jobs, but do not have any particular ones in mind as we have several conditions this year which may make it harder to find immediately. We are about to update our resume’s so we can work from the point of what we desire and can do, rather than what a place needs. Part of retiring is to do what interests you and be able to decide somewhat how to spend your life. We know of course we must be practical and flexible, but we also have many life experiences which are salable we hope.

Because of certain medical problems, we must find work that meets our criteria as to do anything that would make our health worse would defeat our goals. Work that increases medical problems would also be expensive and this lifestyle is expected to cost less for the most part and keep us from worrying about finances. We also know finding the particular health professionals we would need across the country can be problematic.

On another note, as I mentioned before, we are trying to pick up little things we want or need for our adventure as we see them. We are not buying the very best since we need everything, but to start with a good amount of things that will make our life easier is important to us. We can update later if we feel the need.

One of our little purchases is still something for cooking. We found a cute little crock-pot that is just 2 quarts. The one we have now is much larger and can hold enough food for a small army. It will not be useful in our next life.

The other recent purchase is one of those collapsible hampers. Last time out we used a plastic wash basket that was always in the way and really not very handy. This hamper holds two loads of wash which is ideal for the way we intend to do laundry for just the two of us. It is in purple, one of my favorite colors.

An epiphany! I have decided all my life that I have worried about décor that went together for the theme or my color scheme. My new plan is to buy any thing that appeals to me with no consideration of it matching or blending with other items. This may change later on but, right now I want complete freedom in every way. We need to have control of all that we can to ensure our brand of this lifestyle. Colors make me happy and this change in lifestyle is all about enjoying life. I love color and I intend to celebrate it.


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