Our Mission – to do God’s work in a small way

Though this experiment is all about making life simpler and more affordable and at the same time visiting and seeing as much of our beautiful country as possible, we hope to add a small self-appointed mission.
Our faith in God is great and although we are sinners and imperfect as all humans are, we want to be able to spread the Word. Dan and I hope, mainly by example, we can show others what it means to be a Christian wherever we go and to whomever we meet.
We know many people out in the world are starving for love and need to know that God loves them. They need to know that he accepts them just as they are and that he died for all of us, all sinners. Especially those who believe they cannot be saved and are unworthy that anyone should care for them. A departed friend used to say, “If no one told you they loved you today, I love you.” Though it caught many off guard and some people, I’m sure, thought it was a put on gesture to make him seem holier than thou; knowing this person, we knew it was genuine.
Some people are lost in a wilderness of addictions and hopelessness. They cannot stop the spiraling effect of going down the drain because they cannot see a better life and believe they are destined to continue on the path they are on. For these folks, life is a maze and they just cannot find the exit.
There are people ill and desperate to find relief from pain and the ravages of their bodies. They cannot see the light since they live in darkness all the time. They need hope, they need God.
Our intention is not to shove our beliefs down anyone’s throat but, to be much more subtle in our approach. We know people that force their ideas on others never have success. They can teach, not preach. They can show by example and by the light they give off that they found something better. The saying that says ‘people forced against their will are of the same opinion still’  is very good advice.
On the other hand if Christians are observed praying or caring for others as we are told to do, they are living proof that there is a better way if one just believes.
We will only approach those who seem to be interested in what we can share and carry some small bibles and new testaments with us to give to those who need comfort.
I hope God will use us to bring souls to him and spread the gospel in our own faltering way. I hope he will put the right words in our mouths to spread the joy of hope and of our future in a better place.

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