Blog Bibliography:

RV Books:
There are probably a few that didn’t make this list

The RVer’s Bible by Kim and Sunny Baker
A Complete Guide to Full- time RVing by Bill and Jan Moeller
RV’s: Getting Out and Staying Out by Alan and Barbara Lidstone
Live Your RV Dreams by Steve Anderson
RV Retirement in the 21st Century by Jane Kenny
The RV Cookbook by Amy Boyer and Daniella Chace

Travel Books:
Besides uncountable travel packets from many states

The New York Times 36 Hour USA and Canada by Barbara Ireland
The Traveler’s Guide to the Lewis and Clark Trail by Julie Fanselow
Great American Vacations by Mary Beth Bohman
Road Trip USA by Jamie Jensen
Fun with the Family, New Mexico by Kathryn Winslow and Julie Ward
Arizona and the Grand Canyon
The Rough Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton
Guide to the National Parks Areas
Colorado Museums and Historic Sites by Victor J. Danilov
501 Fun Places in Colorado by Chris De Febio
Historic Colorado by Claude A. Wiatrowski

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