A One Pot Meal To Warm You

Dan and I grew up back East in Pennsylvania in an area that melded many ethnic groups together each with their own food specialties. We have a very mixed heritage and all of these were great cooks. Growing up with so many different cultures in our background made us lovers of food, all kinds of food.
Though many ethnic dishes are complicated or expensive to make, her is one that is simple and inexpensive. Not quite sure which ethnic group it came from, but it is a one pot meal which could easily lend itself to RV or camp cooking. It is a satisfying hot meal if you like the ingredients, which we do. Of course many recipes were handed down without measurements and left to the cook’s own style and discretion. This is such a recipe so you should just judge what looks good to you and then amend it.
This dish is called Sausage Stew and has just a few ingredients. First, as you may have guessed is the smoked sausage or kielbasa will work very well. I usually use 1 whole ring or pound of sausage, but these ingredients could be cut in half for a smaller amount. To this you will add white potatoes, broccoli and onion. A little fresh parsley is nice in it and increases its flavor.

If you brown the sausage a little bit and then cook the sausage with plenty of water and a whole onion for a while, the liquid will become a broth. Remove sausage and cut into ½ inch slices. Put back into pan with onions and broth, continue cooking on low.

Peel and quarter potatoes, as many as you wish and add to the broth, sausage and onions. I use a half bunch of broccoli and cut into florets and thinly slice stalk where not woody. You could also use frozen chopped broccoli if you have no access to the fresh produce.

Add salt and pepper to taste and a few sprigs of fresh parsley. Cook until everything is cooked through, vegetables tender and all flavors in broth well blended.
This is one of those dishes that cry out for some good bread, otherwise it is a complete one pot meal. These kind of recipes can be made in smaller amounts without losing any flavor.

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