Attempting to Get Your Finances in Order

Making such a drastic change in our lifestyle as full time RV-ing will be, requires lots of preparation. One of the preparations needs to be a financial assessment.
Because our financial past is less than stellar, we need to make decisions based upon the present circumstances and take an honest look at our finances.
As we stated earlier, there are no retirement funds to use or any pensions or real savings. We need to come up with the minimum needed mainly by selling items. Since there are few big ticket items, this will involve a long term selling plan using several sales of various kinds to sell different things.
One of the first steps in the financial preparation is to get our credit reports and assess what could be an issue in the long run. Though we do not plan on buying anything on credit, we don’t want it to be any worse than it is. We have done it and after finding numerous mistakes have started the process of challenging the information. A side note here- Everyone should look very carefully at the credit reports to make sure there are no mistakes and charges that are not yours since they are spoiling your credit history. We found simple mistakes such as an incorrect name, addresses we never lived at and businesses we never did business with ever.
This is a starting point to fix anything we need to fix. It is easier to do this now while we are home and have easy access to all records.
A second thing we are working at is to get rid of as many bills as possible. We just finished paying off a monthly bill that will free up a bit more money which can be used to pay off more bills or save for the great event. It is exciting to see positive changes in pour finances.
We have begun saving small amounts of money to really get into the habit of saving money every day. We are trying to make better decisions and think very carefully about every move we make in this respect.
We hope to make and save enough money to give us a cushion to fall back on. There will be a substantial amount saved for any unexpected repairs or expenses for the motor home. We also because of our age, wish to work on a fund to cover medical issues and funeral expenses since we recognize the fact that we are older and anything could happen.There are hopefully no major repairs to take care of on the used unit we purchase. We will look over it carefully checking for any signs of accidents, leaks, soft floors or a unit that sat so long things are broken or dried out.
There are also a couple purchases we hope to make before our departure or at least soon as possible after we leave. One is a handgun and the other a good camera. We consider both these items to be vital to a successful trip.
On a similar note, part of getting your financial life in order is to organize paperwork and decide what is vital to keep and get rid of to eliminate excess. This is a long and slow procedure which we tackle every day little by little.
So finances are just one aspect of the preparations but an important aspect.

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