What our new life won’t have

I have written about the advantages of my new life. The ease and stress free existence while getting to travel this great country and discover interesting people and things. Here are a few things we will be missing.
Our new life won’t have a predetermined schedule every day that we must follow in order to maintain jobs or other activities. The freedom to choose where and when we work or volunteer or do nothing will be ours. Our lifestyle means we will lose the necessity of keeping anothers schedule. The opportunity to do exactly what we want when we want will take stress away and allow for long desired opportunities.
Our new life won’t have hours of chores which currently is often too much for us. The house cleaning will be so much less that a quick time spent daily will keep everything under control. There will not be endless dishes and cookware as I try to cook more elaborate meals. Meals will be simple.
Our new life means no more outside chores to worry about. Even though we have pretty much paid others to do them, that will no longer be a problem. We will not have a large yard, a lawn or garden o have a need for any equipment to maintain those things.
Our new life will mean less clothing to worry about keeping laundered or maintained. There will be very few reasons to wear or store dress clothes, other than maybe one outfit for each of us. No more work uniforms for Dan. The clothing laundering will be streamlined and hopefully we will need a lot less clothing and what we have will be more easily cared for in our new simplified life.
Our new life will contain much less stress as we are not going to be trying to keep up with a lifestyle we do not want and cannot afford. Money problems should be eliminated as the cost of our new lifestyle will be very economical. There will be no more racking up new bills and with any luck the majority of them will be eliminated. We will be living within our means so any worry about money should disappear.
Our new life style will not contain so much illness and poor health decisions because our new lifestyle will focus on getting exercise every day, still not to the degree some folks feel necessary, but to us it will be a benefit. We will be forced to walk our dogs at least twice daily so that will be a great improvement to our fitness level. Less cooking of elaborate meals will mean we will eat less calories and smaller portions- a lifestyle choice. We will also be sleeping more soundly when needed and as much as we need. Everything you do in the outdoors seems to be more conducive to peacefulness, restfulness and calm.
Our new life won’t force us to only shop at a few stores, but a whole world of stores will open up to us. The same can be said of churches and medical facilities. The whole country will be our mall to choose from and we can experiment with many different grocery stores, whole food places or even restaurants. Staying in any one area limits you as to what you can choose, but that will be a problem no more.
Our new life won’t have the ability to see family every day if we choose, but that does not happen now and we are very close to some of them distance wise. We will pre arrange when to visit so we can all devote more time to each other.
All in all what we will miss in our new life are mainly negative things and we will make up for them with all the new positive ones. Our relationships, though distant, will become even more meaningful because absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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