What makes indoor fun right for you?

While planning our full time RV-ING getaway, we are learning to think and examine every section of our upcoming new life. Planning is the answer to heading off any problems that may arise. Some planning is so vital that it would be foolish to try to do this without that planning. The itinerary and budget fall into this category. Other planning is a result of my rather obsessive nature and are just exercises in making the lifestyle seem more real and departure closer.
Since the RV-ING lifestyle is supposed to be relatively self- sustaining and we are looking to change our lifestyle to utilize all our new found free time with low cost solutions; we have examined many activities which could be done inside the motor home. The type of activities that you use at home when cost is a factor or weather excludes outside activities must be considered for the new lifestyle. For many of us, this involves TV and that will of course fill some of our leisure time, but we also need to encourage creative activities and maybe even new hobbies.TV of course will be enjoyed especially some of our all-time favorites like Sherlock in all its versions and Downton Abbey. We also love old vintage movies and will work on increasing our collection of more modern movie DVD’s.
Dan and I enjoy so many varieties of movies it is amazing our collection has not become unmanageable. It may need to be pursued more selectively because we love anything from ACDC to Celtic to chamber music and blues. In fact very few styles of music are not enjoyed at our house except maybe rap.
We enjoy many board games and playing cards, so my fun bag will include at least a couple decks of cards, a Tripoli game board and a couple classic games like Monopoly and Scrabble to start.
Dan and I also enjoy putting jigsaw puzzles together and since I saw a flexible board that holds the pieces in place and can be picked up after use, I need to find one of those. Especially since our cats believe puzzles are really made for their entertainment.
With a computer and a lap top coming along, we can also include playing many online games or video games we own. The computer opens up many leisure activities from studying topics that interest you while surfing to creating websites for your writing and photos. Both of these activities will be pursued.
I enjoy some needlework and wish to learn how to quilt and make rugs. Small scale though my efforts may need to be, it is a relaxing way to spend time in inclement weather. Dan enjoys putting models together so we can indulge both hobbies at the same time.
At this point we are reviewing the possible selections for all these categories. The final decision will be made after several times going through them and eliminating those less important to us.

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