Holidays and RV-ING

Anyone who knows me, knows how important holidays are to me. My mother passed down this love of celebrating and I’m afraid I just made it bigger. I try to celebrate every single one, even in a small way.
Today is Valentine’s Day. We are so busy getting ready for the departure that we decided to stay home. I will make a delicious dinner and expect a romantic evening. After all we have been valentines for over 50 years.
Since holidays are so special to me, I have given a bit of thought as to how I could celebrate them while RV-ING. We will not get as crazy since one of our top rules is to simplify life. We will still celebrate in small ways. I will still have a tiny tabletop tree to decorate with my bird ornaments. We will also hang Christmas lights around our camper. For many years, we have just made a nest for the table to enjoy some candy. I am diabetic and so the nest is not gigantic. We used to visit friends for Easter and may be able to still spend Easter with family or friends. In fact many holidays we will need to choose who we celebrate with since everyone is scattered.
For each holiday, I have collected some decorations which now are being sold for the most part. We will hold on to any special ones if we have room. Otherwise, décor will be very inexpensive and purchased somewhere like Dollar Tree, just before a holiday and afterwards passed on to someone else.
The celebration meals need to be less fancy and less complicated. My goal is to make healthier meals and smaller portions. I will simplify by using more multiple purpose cookware and few ingredients for most dishes. We will have no need for those large stock pots, roasters or crock pots and have already started to replace them with small sizes.Since we will have less bills and expenses, we may simply be able to go out more to eat than in the past.
However, holidays are handled will be a new experience and breaking with the old yearly, always similar celebrations. We may be able to still keep some traditions and traditional foods. But everything will be revisited with the goal of making our new life easier.
As our lifestyle prepares for change, so will the frequency of large meals lessen and this could be one of our last larger meals for quite a while.

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