Departure Time Should Be Flexible

When you decide to embark on the full timers RV adventure, you probably set a date of departure. I know we did and it had a significance in following an important event we want to be here for but, we now believe because of many circumstances, we should move up the date. That of course would mean coming back here to attend this event. Returning would still be less expensive than living here for a couple more months.
First of all, my husbands’ health has been worse since he worked security at the hospital and he is fatigued and needs to have a change, a healthier lifestyle and more sleep. He works harder, needs to be more physical and has more responsibility than he should at his age. Retiring has been the plan for some time, but we could never manage it. Now we must before it is too late or our health deteriorates too much.
The second reason to leave earlier is because this plan will be our most economical way of life and it seems foolish to keep spending more than we must to live.We do not need to sell a house and the land lord has been put on alert to possible dates. We do not anticipate any problems there since we have the greatest landlord ever for the past 8 years.
The only challenge is to sell things at the proper time so we are not living without items we need but also have the extra cash to make our escape easier. We need to sell two vehicles and furniture plus a garage full of stuff from previous collectible booths and our own possessions. I have held sales a few weekends already but it is going slower than I like mainly due to the weather and time of the year. I started early so I could get better prices on some of the better stuff.
Some people have asked about things like the big screen TV or the furniture, but need to wait until leaving time is closer. I have thought about pre-selling items with a deposit so it would not need to be done at the last minute.
Will keep you all posted on how everything works out. There is still much to do but, once the RV is bought and the other vehicles sold, we will be forced to go sooner.

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