Writing on the road

One of the things we are most looking forward to in our new life is lots of extra time to pursue our interests. For me, that will be my writing.
Although, I have been writing for decades, I have much to learn as I have never mastered the craft. At this point in time, I am trying to turn an older non-fiction book I wrote on parenting into an e-book. Even though it was written long ago, it still seems to offer good advice and is relevant. For many, many years we worked as foster parents and with challenging teens. We also created and implemented two programs where we contracted with the county. We feel we have some right to offer advice as we have much experience in the field in many capacities. If ever my sorry technological background catches up with the problems of converting my file, this book will be available.
In addition, I am working on my first draft of my first novel. Since I never wrote fiction before, it is rather slow going. I have written over 11,000 words so far; now to make them the right words. Next draft will hopefully improve it considerably. I feel like I am about 1/10th of the way as I need about 100,000 words before it is edited down to 80,000. Will keep you posted on the progress and results.
When you add this blog which will eventually be almost daily, I have a lot to consider and think about. Writing is hard work for most of us and requires as much thinking, daydreaming or goofing off as it does physical act of writing.
When you are living what is today considered a normal life, you are subject to many distractions and short of barricading yourself up in a room, you will be interrupted often. The average person has little extra time in their day since many seem to need to fill every waking moment with doing something. Between things we do to make an income, clubs and charities and if we are lucky some recreation, we as a nation are super busy. Our new lifestyle should create time to do this daydreaming as well as some uninterrupted periods for writing.
Hopefully, with more time to devote to writing, I will be able to produce more than one book a year as it seems now is the pace I’ve adopted.
Besides the quiet and chance to be more serene as we commune with nature, there should be much stimulation as we see many new places, meet new people and discover some of the best well kept secrets of our gorgeous country. Stimulation and change of scenery seems to be necessary for me to be more inspired.
I am so looking forward to this lifestyle change. I can barely wait.

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