Soon selling days will be over

Sales have been part of my employment record for all my life. It often has been in conjunction with other jobs or just to supplement my income. I really love sales and have done almost every kind you can name. I enjoy the challenge and having the sale closed. But selling out all your belongings is hard and if I never sell anything again it would be too soon. No, that statement is wrong because I know I will sell again.
After having garage sales for over a month some weeks most days, I finally wholesaled the rest of the garage sale stuff. Still the larger items in the house must be sold and that is just as hard.
Listing anything large or things not included in the garage sales meant as many as 60 listings at one time on Craig’s list. It also means almost daily renewal of your ad. I often just completely repost a new ad so it goes to the top of the ever growing list of stuff for sale. But then you must reinsert the photos again so it can be a lengthy procedure. I do not believe I ever saw Craig’s list so full of items. Desperate people are practically giving their stuff away which makes getting a fair price much more difficult.
Of course as I mentioned in a previous post we are always enthralled with our belongings and expect others to see their value even when we had those items a long time. We do not notice the wear, holes, scratches etc. that make our item less than perfect.
Craig’s list is still one of the best places to sell unwanted items since it is free, but you do need to cope with people who are often late for their appointments or even don’t show up at all. I always appreciate a call to let me know if something will delay a customer or they have changed their minds. I no longer put everything on hold to wait for people as I once did.
Since we expect to only have a few more days here, I am in the process of getting everything I can sold, given or discarded. It is a big job but, now I can see the end of it.
As the time closes on our present life and surroundings, I feel a bit emotional. I will miss family and friends but, will be back soon. In this case, we will be back in about 1 1/2 months to attend our grandson’s graduation.
We will try to visit our children a couple times a year. At this point that is the goal. We will see how those plans work out.
Trying to keep some of the stuff that is meaningful to us, while still maintaining a more possession free lifestyle is tricky. Many things you love must be gotten rid of if you wish to be less dependent on ‘stuff.’ Everyone that knows me will tell you, ‘I love my stuff.’
But what I am trading it for is so exciting as it will mean freedom to live in a casual more pleasant way an d a whole lot less work to maintain everything at which we have become very lax in the past couple years. When illness and physical ailments are a constant issue, you do slow down a lot. Maintaining a motor home will be so much easier.
Anyway as days till departure grow very short, we will try to see people to say goodbye and do whatever we can to make this transition go smoother.

I am having a hard time containing my excitement.

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