How to Easter on the road

Easter demands candy, even if it is a tiny 'nest.'

Easter demands candy, even if it is a tiny ‘nest.’

Easter is without a doubt one of the most important holidays of the year. As Christians with very strong beliefs, the occasion of our Lord rising from the dead is a holiday not to be missed.
It may be said that I am holiday person and that whenever possible some sort of celebration or at least a special taking notice, no matter how small will occur. We must embrace each holiday and make it an important day. My mother gave me this gift of the love of the holidays and always did something to make it special. For me, it is a matter of tradition and every holiday means family.
This year being away from a permanent domicile and in a small motorhome, some adjustments had to be made.
Instead of dozens of eggs being ‘painted’ ( Dan’s preferred method of coloring hard cooked eggs) I made 8. I used the food color I had on hand, some of which could then be eliminated after use. The plan is to eliminate as much food being stored as possible and in some cases not to restock it. Seldom used items such as food color, is an example. I use it to tint frosting and to color eggs. Since I decided to do almost no baking while in the motorhome and won’t color eggs again till next year, it is not a vital item.
I have passed my too large collection of baking pans to my daughter who is a great baker and will put them to good use. Many oddball herbs and spices or ingredients will be used if possible and then not restocked to free up cabinet space which is really limited.
Easter means candy but, being it is just the two of us and I’m diabetic, a very small table ‘nest’ fits the bill. We created something to provide a taste but, not so much it lasts till the next holiday.
One important aspect of this holiday is to attend a church service. Before settling on a campground for the night before Easter, we tried to find one with a campground church service or a church shuttle to take us to this point, we are not towing a ‘toad’ so need to coordinate things with that in mind. We were having no luck until a great campground host helped us by giving us a number for a church near his campground. That saved the day. Without a vehicle in addition to the motorhome, you need to ‘break camp’ whenever you need to go somewhere. So we were trying to work out the best arrangement. Since that campground departure was at noon and the church service was nearby and started at 12:30 we were able to make this Easter service work.
In almost every lace we previously lived, we attended small churches with maybe a couple dozen people in the congregation. This is what we were used to and what we thought we preferred. Imagine our shock when we pulled up to the location given us and saw a huge domed building and several other structures as part of their campus.
Our mouths fell open at the mere size of this facility. But, there was much, much more. When you enter the building, there were tons of people. There were those who greeted you and those ready to usher you in and still others providing you with paper to enable you to take notes during the sermon. Everywhere you looked, there were people. There were those checking out the information desk and others visiting with other congregants. People were leaving the last service and others like us arriving for the next one. We later learned that there are five different church locations each having three services each Sunday. We noticed also evidence of other missions and special services during the week. Their children’s church also looked well attended.
We plopped ourselves down still in awe as to the size of the sanctuary. There was a very significant feeling in the air, part of the atmosphere, of helpfulness and spirituality. We were enthralled.
There were three huge screens for video, verse prompts and a tool for highlighting speakers and musicians. The musical presentation featured wonderful voices instruments and it was enhanced by a light and smoke show.
Besides all the imagery and sensory perceptions, the pastors’ message was so on point, powerful and heart touching. There were two featured water baptisms and an en masse baptism after the service.
To say we enjoyed the experience is quite an understatement. If you ever find yourself in Albuquerque, New Mexico, please visit the Legacy Church. You won’t be disappointed. Pastor Steve Smothermon is a great teacher, preacher. He spoke of once accepting Christ as your personal savior that you need to be “all in.” The reminder is that you have made a commitment to our Lord and cannot continue half- heartedly.
After a day of wonderful ‘unexpectations’( okay so it’s my word), Easter dinner dimmed in importance. We decided to skip the traditional fancy restaurant dinner and opted for a delicious, budget friendly meal at Denny’s. We both really loved their Bourbon Chicken Skillet. Food and service were excellent and everyone was friendly.
Happy Easter greetings or as the pastor called it Resurrection Day were heard everywhere throughout the beautiful day in the Land of Enchantment. All in all a very memorable day!

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