‘Road trippin’ with pets

When pets are family, they tend to be included in all you do. Vacations often mean family pets come along. Of course when the ‘vacation’ is permanent there is no other option. So here we are with what started out as a new living experience with four pets in a small motor home. However unfortunately we now have just three pets in our retinue. While learning about the RV and doing some repairs, we tried to get the pets familiar with the unit and the lifestyle. Both our dogs and one cat adjusted well. Oreo, on the other hand, hated the confinement and did not even like going potty in a litterbox. Our cats were always trained to go outside instead of using a litter box. We had talked about this problem at length since he is a very large nocturnal cat who loves to be on the prowl. Winter almost killed him when he couldn’t or wouldn’t go out. Because we were still local and we figured he would soon burst if he did not get to potty, after careful consideration we allowed him to go outside. Well, not only careful consideration, but also the fact that he sounded like a wounded banshee and became a total spaz as he ran around constantly inside the motorhome. The end of the story is not a nice one as we never relocated him or found him anywhere. We even checked the last residence in case he went home. After waiting several additional days, it was apparent, he was not returning and we reluctantly left to begin our journey. The other cat is smaller and actually was brought home to us a long while ago by Oreo. At that time our baby was skinny and almost starved, but we fixed that. She prefers inside to out, does not mine a litter box and has even when left no choice went to pee over the drain in the tub. Dan actually saw her go in the toilet so we should have probably trained her to do that. Dooney stayed with us and had two litters before we could get her fixed. She has become a very good traveler and enjoys looking out the windows and watching the plentiful birds or chasing the too many bugs that get inside. She has a spot out of the main flow of things where she hibernates for part of the day. 2010-03-25 21.48.19 (500x253) Mr. Owen is the longest resident of our house and because he was a rescue dog still has kinks we haven’t worked out of this ‘model.’ He is very large weighing in at about 125 after losing 15 pounds. He is large, rambunctious and space hogging in our little environment. He needs lots of walks and outside time. Whenever he visits people he wins over all the ladies. He loves people but, sometimes his bear like appearance is scary to others. He is doing very well so far. 2010-03-20 02.07.47 (500x437) The last of the pet trio is Jessie. She is another rescue dog, but, much smaller. She probably weighs in at about 50 pounds now. She still needs more work to make her behave properly, but is doing really well most of the time. All the pets seem thrilled to have mommy and daddy with them all the time. We have not left them for very much time yet, but they seem to have adjusted to those brief alone times and do not bark constantly when by themselves. 2010-03-24 05.34.58 Both dogs do feel obligated to let us know of any other dogs or people that are within a five mile ratio of the rig. We are working on that bad habit. Dooney just goes back to her place of hiding while we are moving. She likes to see the scenery better once we have landed in a stable spot. Mr. Owen wants to be king of the hill and sit up by the windshield, but has been given a position in a lower, safer area. Jessie sits right next to Mr. Owen but, facing the rear. Not sure why or what she can see since those rear shades are all closed when we travel. This has become their habit, although they do tend to try to drive and get up in the seat whenever we leave. They definitely need some improvement, but reasonable expectations are in order since this is new to them.2010-03-20 02.08.01 (415x500) We are all enjoying the few times we can let them run or swim unrestrained because being cooped up for long is too hard for their active nature. 2010-03-28 01.25.23 (323x500)

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