Culinary Accomplishments

Food is an important part of life on the road or elsewhere in our family. I promised myself to start to look at this necessary aspect of living with a new eye. First off, we want to simplify life so finding ways to cook that take less time, less equipment and less skill are necessary. We want to live frugally, on a budget, so finding ways to make tasty meals that cost less is a must. Cooking in less space with less equipment is also necessary. Although weeding out a great many cooking and serving items, I still need to thin out even more. I apologize to no one for this problem because I am a cook. Because health issues are part of growing old, I must lose weight and constantly rethink what healthy is and incorporate that into my menu planning. I am working on all these ideas, but have not conquered them. Some of these goals are not new and have been challenges we are trying to meet for quite some time now. This will take time as bad habits do take a while to become entrenched as well as good habits.
With that in mind, I will briefly recap some of the menus we have dined upon since we embarked on this journey. We have yet to cook out on our new cook stove or over an open fire because of very high winds and wildfire danger. We have used the stove and oven in our unit and the tiny crock pot with great success.
I have made pork tenderloin with lots of rosemary and garlic in my crock pot and served it with a baked sweet potato made in the microwave. I also add salad or cut up raw veggies with dressing or mayo for many meals. I made a tiny meatloaf in my oven as well as oven fried chicken. We like the chicken recipe on the Bisquick box.
The frying pan I brought is a bit too large and has no lid, so I need a slightly smaller one with a lid. Will replace that eventually. Still I have used it to prepare eggs of all kinds, hash browns and sausage links, bacon, sautéed summer squash, steamed asparagus, thin steaks, hot dogs, pork chops.
My toaster has made frozen waffles, and toasted buns for sandwiches. Waffles were made for breakfast and also with dried beef in white sauce over them.
I have made use of some packaged food such as garlic mashed potatoes in light weight pouches. We love Wal-Mart’s rotisserie chicken as it gets cheaper the longer you wait for it. By closer to days ‘ end it becomes a real bargain. Still delicious and very thrifty for preparing several meals from it -a real bargain.
Salads can be made using leftover meats, hard cooked eggs and cheeses for chef’s salad.
We have had simple lunches with crackers, chips, cheese chunks and summer sausage slices.
One good simple meal was to put some pork chops in my mini crock with a jar of sweet and sour sauce. Then serve that over cooked noodles. Anytime you make pork in the crock pot, it is much improved by broiling or browning the meat first to get rid of some excess fat.
Water is a necessary ingredient for good health and something we have been trying to increase in our diet so we drink quite a lot of it instead of lots of soda. Of course we are cold and hot tea drinkers and coffee drinkers as well. There have been a couple bottles of cheap but, good tasting wine also.
We do intend at this time to eat most meals in the motor home that we cook, but, there is always a problem with that plan from time to time and a quick fast food lunch is in order.
Meeting our culinary goals is a never-ending challenge, but it can be done with patience and creativity.

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