Yesterday’s Adventure-Losing Mr. Owen

2010-03-20 02.07.47 (500x437)Mr. Owen is part Black Lab and part Great Dane and even after losing some weight still goes 125 pounds. He is huge, black and white and hairy and you would think it rather difficult to misplace him.
Our dogs, like most dogs, favorite activity is to run free and to swim. Mr. Owen was never that crazy about the water in the past, uncharacteristic for a lab but, Jessie has gotten him intrigued by it now. Jessie, younger of the pair, is a cattle dog mix. She is Mr. Owens’ fitness trainer. If you wish to keep up with her when she is loose, you best be in very good shape. I, for one, am not there yet. Mr. Owen tries to keep up.
Of course as in most campgrounds and parks, dogs are supposed to be leashed and most of the time ours are but, after being used to a large yard, the camper is especially confining. So being a couple of those folks who would rather ask forgiveness than permission, we find ways to let them run. We were down at the lake and turned them loose. They are excited by the new freedom and for a while just check out every living, once living, eaten and still tantalizing item on the beach nearby. Till the crazy sets in, then they just run like the wind.
As many dogs will do and since they have not had formal training, they don’t always listen and they continually enlarged their running circle till it includes a very large portion of the beach and lake. When we call for them every so often they come toward us and sometimes even right to us but, are quicker than these old folks and so take another very large loop around the beach.
Mind you the beach and lake is a very hard walk for our fitness level, but if we keep this up it should soon be much easier. We need to follow a steep path down which starts in rock and ends up in rather deep sand. I had forgotten how hard it is to slog through sand and so the trip down takes a while. Meanwhile the dogs are already aware of the impending fun and pull us constantly so they often are walking us. We stop frequently to sit and restart them. But till we arrive at our destination we are pretty well beat already.
After some time, we can no longer even see the dogs and Dan starts going to another part of the beach over several not nearly small enough hills. Eventually, I see my hubby perched on top of one hill and see Jessie running nearby. She still has not yet been hooked back up since I have her leash and am down on a lower level. Still, no sign of Mr. Owen anywhere.
Dan was gone for quite some time, when I noticed a large young lab coming to the beach with its parents. I called Dan to warn him since Mr. Owen is an alpha male and will kick any other male dog’s butt even when they don’t deserve it. He said he still could not find our big overgrown lollapalooza. He walked even farther when he told Jessie to go back to mommy and unbelievably she came to me and I hooked her up while continuing my quest for other people’s lost lures. What can I say, once a collector always a collector.
After even more time, I see Dan approaching very slowly, but still no big black beast in tow. He is walking slowly as he has just put on a ridiculous amount of miles trying to find our wayward child. I sat on the sand with Jessie. Soon Jessie started crying and whining because her best friend was nowhere in sight. We had to literally pull her on the leash to get her back to the camper after a horrendous walk uphill through deep hot sand in the blazing sun. I’m sure her feet were burning as we walked, ours were just tired. We continually stopped and looked backward expecting to see this bear like creature come barreling up the beach, but no sign of him.
I reached the camper and Jessie and I collapsed at the picnic table, Dan took longer being tired from the marathon and also checking behind him constantly. When he reached the camper, we all had a large cold drink and then we fished out the binoculars so he could watch the beach from our terraced camping spot. Our neighbor offered to use his truck to help us search for our big baby. We waited for that a while.
Suddenly, Dan sees our dog coming up the beach with an older lady. Mr. Owen always loves the ladies, probably because they all fuss with him and tell him how cute he is when they pet him. Dan realizes this lady is camped right below us and runs down there. She claims Mr. Owen just came up to her while she was fishing and being exhausted he decided to stay awhile. She was going to feed him and get him water. Dan got him leashed and brought him back.
Not sure if the dog or Dan was more tired, but Mr. Owen hardly moved for the next few hours.
All ended well and our dog was just fine. He got a great exercise workout, made a new friend and no other dogs were harmed in the making of this adventure. Just another day camping with pets

One response to “Yesterday’s Adventure-Losing Mr. Owen

  1. Thanks for writing this little story! I know how frustrated and worried you must have been losing Mr Owen. I hope your camping trips are still going well. It’s a privilege to do something so adventurous. 😄


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