Elephant Butte Lake Park

One person describes this place as a best kept secret. It really is a beautiful spot and not too busy at this time of the year. It seems to be a favorite, however, among the snowbirds or so we are told.
The state park is the one that features the lake Elephant Butte in its name but, there is also an Elephant Butte State Park which we have yet to explore.
I have been waiting to blog about it as I have been trying so hard to capture the true beauty but, alas I am no photographer. When you first enter the park and are on a higher level, the scene is so awesome, you might need to catch your breath. The water is a deep turquoise and I still have not had a chance to check the reason for its vibrant color. Usually a mineral such as copper tends to make the water that color. Whatever the cause, it is really spectacular.
The setting is by the lake with its sandy shores and among mountains, hills and buttes. The park is fairly large and has plenty of developed and primitive campsites. Many people camp right on the beach. It features a peninsula as well as an island. There is a boat marina and several amenities like showers with hot water and dump stations.
Each developed campsite has water and electric hookups, a pavilion roofed from the sun over a picnic table and a grill/fire pit.
In regards to a rule in New Mexico you may only stay 14 days out of 20 in the same state park, so we decided to take advantage of the rest of that time here.
They boast good fishing and boating on the lake. The view is picturesque and someone with camera skills might find the same fascination Dan does with the way the face of the area changes over the period of a day. The clouds, the sun and other unknown factors constantly show you a different picture of the mountains and lake. The nighttime sky is also blacker than black with an array of stars that you never tire of seeing.
This is in an area known for its birding and although I am no expert, I have seen common birds as well as gulls, pigeons and crow the size of small turkeys. My favorite are the partridges who constantly parade back and forth from one side of the road to the other. They are usually in pairs. Wonder, do they mate for life? Heads down with their cute little hats going at warp speed, they never seem to be tired of traveling. Dan also saw a couple humming birds in the campsite but, I was inside at the time.
We have seen lots of squirrels and cottontails but, I have really enjoyed the Jack Rabbits, love to watch those long legged darlings run.
Jessie seems to really like those little beetles with an almost triangular body that look like small turquoise gems in the sand.
Anyway, please mark this park on your destinations and you will be glad you did. It is Elephant Butte Lake State Park in New Mexico.It is located at 101 Hwy 195 outside Elephant Butte.2010-04-02 02.47.07 (500x348) 2010-04-02 02.49.12 (500x375) 2010-04-02 02.52.21 (500x312) 2010-04-02 02.52.30 (409x500) 2010-04-02 02.51.19 (500x375) 2010-04-02 02.50.47 (500x289) 2010-04-02 02.49.15 (500x392) Call for reservations at 1-575-744-5923.

One response to “Elephant Butte Lake Park

  1. Wow, those are some really great pictures! And I can’t believe that you got to see coyote pups. What a fantastic way to live and enjoy this wonderful world of ours. 😃


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