Trip to the ‘big city’

Every so often we must break camp and go to the big city to take care of errands. In our case, at this time, the ‘big city’ is Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.
Our errands always include a drive by the dump station to get rid of the ‘yucky stuff’ before we end up in town. Truth or Consequences is our chosen shopping spot since we are in this general area. For oldsters who remember the quiz show of the same name, this town is named for that show. The story goes that on the Tenth anniversary of the show, the producer,Ralph Edwards offered a challenge to any town who named themselves after the show. Though I don’t know all the details, New Mexico hopped on the band wagon.The show gave them free advertising and the economy boomed.
We go there for several reasons, first there is a Wal-Mart – every camper’s friend for their low prices, good selection and one stop shopping experience. Campers can even avail themselves of their parking lot and sleep there overnight.
When you are short on room, the shopping trip takes quite a while. You are looking for food and enough supplies for your stay but, not too much for available storage. Sometimes I have a list of meal ideas, other times menus are created on the spot. Incidentally, their pineapple empanadas are delicious.
It takes even longer to do the shopping as we also are in constant need of pet food, motor home repair items and drugs. One stop shopping really fills the bill. Their clerks and workers are so very helpful and always share a joke or a smile.
Most times, we add a McDonalds trip to use the free WiFi but, our state park has that so we did not visit them yesterday.
Our propane tank is rather small, maybe a larger one will be considered in our future, so filling the propane was also on the list. Once again, friendly, efficient help was easy to find at Cortez Gas.
Yesterday, we also were in search of a fax. Several places were unable to help us for a variety of reasons. Some had no fax machines, others would not fax anything but an 800 number and still others had closed doors.
A couple having coffee at a café suggested the visitor center. We had not even thought of that, but since it was right across the street from the café, Dan checked them out. They were only too happy to help us out. They were not pleased that it was so difficult for someone to help us get a fax done. Dan was so thankful they could accommodate us and they refused any payment. He just stuck a couple dollars in a donation container for the Visitors Center. We appreciated their going the extra mile.
Nothing exciting on the day’s run, but still necessary errands fulfilled. We need to come back here for a fun time to check out the restaurants and the touristy locations.
Friendliness has been the trait most often found since we arrived in New Mexico.

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