Who is the average RV full-timer?

Since we have been out here as full time RV-ers it has become apparent that what the books say about this lifestyle is true. There is no longer an average full timer. The typical one from the past is gone and replaced by a variety of people.
In the past, you saw the older, retired couple who headed for some place warm in the winter and then back home for the nicer months. Often, this started because of health issues that improved in hotter, drier climates. They were full timers for a few months, but still had a house to go back to along with their regular life.
Their regular life included children and grandchildren, attending the usual events and meetings in summer months, a church congregation and spending all holidays with their families. They were dubbed the Snowbirds.
Snowbirds still exist but, more often the couple has sold their home to travel the highways and byways on a permanent basis year round. They still see their families but, not for every holiday or event and on a less regular basis. They have become tourists for much of the time enjoying all this beautiful country has to offer. They take advantage of the leisure time they now have to just relax and enjoy a simpler lifestyle, minus the hustle and bustle of former lives.
But, even this new group cannot represent all campers. We have seen many men that were full timers and single. We have not yet met, but heard of many full time RV-ing single women as well. Yay for the girls who let nothing stop them.
Families have decided they would not be subject to others management of their lives. They are home schooling their kids and giving them an even more valuable education as they travel. It is the modern answer to sending your kids abroad as they get older.
Those of working age have ways to keep an income coming in. They are hosting campgrounds and doing jobs camp owners need done. Many run a business, even having a portion of their camper be aworkshop for hands on jobs. They travel and work much like the itinerate salesman. Some have online websites from which they sell products. Some have skills that allow them to work from anywhere online. Others use their special consulting or speaking talents to fill in for scheduled people who could not make it to the conferences or meetings.
I guess what I’m getting at is the average full time RV-er is not average at all. Gone is the typical stereotype. Though most men still wear shorts and sandals and the women often sport sun visors and they usually have two small dogs in tow. Other than that, there is no typical RV-er.
We don’t exactly fit the picture since we travel in a small motor home with two dogs, one large and one medium and a cat. Dan will never wear sandals, though we can get him into some shorts occasionally. I love hats, but not visors.
The greatest difference, however, is in the type of camping we all do. One of our neighbors has a small, even smaller than ours motor home. He is alone so it probably suits him fine. It is from the 70’s but still works great. On the other side is a behemoth fifth wheeler. It is a Landmark and is at least 40 foot with four slide outs. When it first pulled up, my mind immediately ran to several jokes such as it is so long they had to register it in two states. I had to hold my tongue when I wanted to ask just how many families live in there. The owner is super nice and very helpful. I could not ever think about having all that even if it was affordable. I would feel burdened again by possessions and I rather like the new found freedom.
We have seen air streams and campers that start as a small box and kind of fold out like a Chinese magic box. A former neighbor had a great conversion van that a couple shared. The ‘tenters’ still exist and some are pretty elaborate affairs while others have room just to sleep and then do everything else out in nature.
What all of us have in common is a love of nature, a desire for control of our lives and a chance to pick up and go when the spirit moves us.
Whatever your style, it is still a great affordable way to enjoy life and vacation. When you think about it, it is surprising what you don’t need to live well.

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