Meditation, Introspection, Revelation and Prayer

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One of the things we promised ourselves when we started to consider full time RV-ing was that this experiment would be a complete change of life. We wanted to examine the life we had, the one we had lived for a long time and change it to the life we wanted to live. In theory that sounds so very simple but, it isn’t. The life we have lived was a result of many things including exactly who we are, how we were brought up and decisions of our own. We are learning so much about ourselves since we have examined our lives.
Originally, the first month or so was to be a vacation and a tourist like existence but, many things have thwarted that plan and so we have decided before we can choose how we should spend our leisure, we must decide many things about our new lifestyle. So the fun will wait a bit longer while we make life style choices.
Dan and I started to really look at who we are and how we live since we got started on a set of devotions. The little book was given us at the information center of the Legacy Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have enjoyed them as they started our thinking more deeply about existence and opened up our conversation about our life in particular. Though spiritual in nature, they have revealed to us a lot about ourselves with their practical lessons. They are designed to be read one daily for each date, but since there were more included since we started at a later date, we read a couple daily.
Along with this terrific tool, we have started to read our bible much more than in the past when we let it go to do other things. Again, the lessons seem so pointed and have been a great help in discovering who we are and what advice applies to everyone if they search God’s word.
With all this spiritual help, we find ourselves utilizing prayer even more than in the past. We have always been prayer warriors in time of trouble for anyone who needs us. We say grace before meals and pray as often as we can. In the past as well as now, we have seen prayer answered and the miracle that results from faith. Even when things don’t go well and Christians must remember that even believers have struggles and challenges our faith, though sometimes diminished is never lost. Daily meditation brings it back to full power.
Introspection is self-examination and looking deep into your heart and soul to reveal things you may be too blind to see without it. You can discover weaknesses and faults as well as strengths. You will see that everything you do is a choice you make. God gives us the option to do whatever we wish. Our self will often proves to result in bad choices, but God allows us to make mistakes and fail even though he wishes all his children to succeed and be happy.
The revelations made to us have showed us problems exist in our own communication, thinking and how we deal with others often times. It revealed a lack of understanding and a reminder to attempt to put yourself in others’ shoes before making judgements. It actually taught us not to judge anyone as that privilege belongs to God alone. It revealed perceptions we both have that are often very wrong. It taught us to always treat everyone with kindness and be forgiving even when we think we are not in the wrong.
Of course, what is revealed still must become habit and that takes time. We know we are human and stubborn and some lessons take quite a while. We know God isn’t finished with us yet and has a tough road ahead of him to implement all these traits. Fortunately, he loves us and never tires of working on us. We are all blessed, take a moment to realize and enjoy that fact.

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