Campers are Innovative Part #1

One innovative camper!

One innovative camper!

Campers are some of the most innovative people I have ever met. The pioneer spirit exists in all of the full timers. They wouldn’t and most likely couldn’t be full time RV-ERS without that spirit and a can -do attitude.
This particular kind of blog post will be an ongoing feature since every camper we meet has some idea to add or suggest that is clever. The ideas speak of their versatility and flexibility. They bring to mind the pioneer spirit because sometimes they involve a little more work than normal to live close to nature, especially those engaging in dry camping or boon docking. This means these folks are without power and utilities. They have forsaken convenience to be close to nature and enjoy the freedom this lifestyle brings with it. What they need they have with them or they will improvise. They do this to be economical as well as preserving our environment and protecting the beautiful natural wonders of the United States.
We recently met a young man who has probably taken this goal to a very high level. His ‘camper’ reminds one of a Conestoga Wagon or a chuck wagon. Hassan Ikhzaan Saleem has built this ‘camper’ himself. It is cozy and barely enough room for his partner, himself and his Blue Heeler dog named Mouse. It has a stove and even running water. The amazing thing is that they have lived in this camper for eight years.
Hassan has a history that includes herding sheep in the Alps. He and his partner are itinerant workers in that they go from ranch to ranch and when done with that job, from state to state to herd cattle. This is their job, their business and maybe their passion. They have their own horses and herded cattle in New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona and California if I remember the list correctly.
We applaud him for his creativity, his hard working lifestyle and the type of stuff he must be made to go to these extremes to pursue the life he wants to enjoy.

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