Great Savings for New Mexico Full Time RVERS

All types of flora and fauna available in every park from the simplest weeds and birds to the cultivated cacti and exotic critters.

All types of flora and fauna available in every park from the simplest weeds and birds to the cultivated cacti and exotic critters.

If you are a full time RV-er- you are always looking for bargains. One of your biggest expenses can be fees for camping.

A very helpful gentleman at the Caballo Lake State Park informed us of a great deal for utilizing the state parks. First of all they are very reasonable to begin with. Rates for an electric hookup site is just $14.

The key is in purchasing the annual state park sticker. If you are a resident it costs just $180. For non residents it is $225. This sticker you purchase once a year allows you to receive $10 off your electric site which brings the cost down to $4 a night. If you wish to dry camp or boondock, there is no additional fee after the sticker purchase.

For us this is a great deal since in a year’s time we will spend about 4-6 months in the state parks here in New Mexico and even if you get the electric site it comes to only $124 a month. Where else could you live so cheap?

There is one slight wrinkle, but, I see it as no great problem. New Mexico state parks have a limit of 14 days stay in a 20 day period. I have recently discovered this is a trend in other parks as well. Most of us are ready for a change after two weeks anyway. To me this is not an issue

What most full timers do is set up for the two week period and then move to the next park, usually one closest and continue this pattern after every two week stay. Eventually their circuit takes them back to the original park. You can do this in a small group of close by parks or extend this idea and make an entire state journey with the move to farther locations.

All the parks we stayed in while here have been very nice and in beautiful settings. They usually have very clean showers and lots of hot water. We found friendly hosts, park rangers and other park workers at every turn. Even folks in near by towns went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

There are parks in the mountains way up there at fairly high altitudes and there are state parks with lake settings and all the water attractions that those kind of parks provide. Some feature more of a desert atmosphere and some are even in canyons. State parks might feature great walking or nature trails and all have something for everyone. Bird watching is a favorite hobby in the area we traveled.

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