The state of our state parks

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All parks have their own kind of beauty. Please help save them.

By now on our journey we have been camping in many state parks. Most are beautiful places but, their financial condition is alarming. Even with almost no budget, many people who oversee them perform miracles and are very creative in order to continue to provide guest with everything they expect.
All report the same financial shortfalls and budget cuts. This concerns me as many years ago, the whole idea of conserving land and special places for people to enjoy the outdoors was a huge priority. There were laws enacted and funds set aside in many states for just that purpose.
The shrinking amount of land due to over building and spreading out of our cities means there is a finite amount of land suitable for conservation and preservation. We have engaged in many practices as a people and supported things that our culture finds necessary which jeopardize our state parks and many other places that should be kept for descendants. The world is shrinking in many ways and we all need to take a part in protecting our national treasures which are not just national monuments and parks but, should include all the state areas set aside for our present and future enjoyment.
The ‘green movement’ is vital in protecting our air and water and keeping landfills to a minimum, but, we must consider re-prioritizing in order to enable our grand kids and their grand  kids to have places to enjoy nature.
We have found most state parks to do the best job they can to ensure these parks are here for the future, but many are so short of money that they can only provide minimal services and upkeep. The simplest things they should do or provided are up to the whims of the politicians who oversee the budgets. Very old equipment and lack of some basic supplies has been the norm on our travels.
What can we all do about it? We can help protect the environment of these places by not littering, not hogging up bathrooms, practicing catch and release where indicated, not picking flowers not meant to be picked, not driving on newly seeded grass areas, respecting the wildlife and choosing to occasionally donate a couple dollars to any state park you choose. They all need help. Camping costs are going up and pay showers are getting to be the only way they can increase their limited funds. This is your land, take care of it. God put us in charge and we are stewards of our environment. Take that responsibility seriously.
To donate-pick a state and find the website for their state parks. Go to that website and find the donate button. If funds are low in your personal budget, consider being a volunteer or camp host. The state parks  future may depend on it.

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