But it could die! So what? That’s just how it is.

Tiny Mallard ducks we rescued.

Tiny Mallard ducks we rescued.

Not sure if it is a sign of getting older and seeing a different world and not approving, but, I was recently disillusioned again. It happens much more often than it used to and usually occurs when truths I hold as fact are challenged or downright destroyed.
Recently, I was disillusioned at a Nebraska State Park. I was told that we were supposed to do nothing about a situation. People that know Dan and I know how passionate we are about many things especially animals.
As camp hosts in the park, we assumed we were supposed to do our part to protect nature and save the environment and all its inhabitants.
Growing up, we had it rammed into our minds and hearts that we were supposed to take care of all living things. We rescued pets many times and were completely heartbroken when they passed on. We feel deeply about things and intensely dislike anyone who mistreats animals. We grew up with Smokey the Bear and Park Rangers who really were conservation officers. We were told our national and state parks were our countries treasures and should be preserved at all costs.
Later as Christians, we were told that we are caretakers of this world. We believe God made us stewards of all he created and life of all kinds is precious in our minds.
So after storms and flooding almost every day, we found a couple of newborn Mallard Ducks far from the water and after asking a park worker if we had a ranger who could take them somewhere, a park worker came and took them. They told me they were going to take them to the Humane Society. Later, I learned this was probably not true since the workers at the park are not supposed to ‘save’ anything.
The following day since I thought they had taken care of the ducks, when we saw an extremely young fawn looking lost and another camper said it had been running around and scared since the night before, once again we requested someone be called to save the baby deer.

After a long time and no one came, we finally talked to someone in charge who told us we should all do nothing. We said it was very young on shaky, wobbling legs and could starve or be in trouble when it flooded again. We said it could die. We were told so what. We felt this was a very callous attitude for someone in charge of a state park.

We also felt betrayed since it was this person we felt should set the tone for the way we should protect and conserve nature. We were told by another camper that there was a dead deer on the road near the park and we were fearful it could be the mom. Much later we learned it was a buck, but we did not know that at the time.
There is a good ending to this story since Dan later saw a doe with two fawns and believe one of them to be the one lost and scared running through the camp ground.How many times does this story have bad endings I wondered.
Some months back when doing an article on a rescue that saves puppy mill dogs, I was told Nebraska was one of the worse states for puppy mills. The laws for puppy mills are very lax in protection for animals since they are set by agriculture agencies. Many of the people here seem to treat pets like possessions instead of a living creature.

End of rant.

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