Was Little Thunder A Blunder?

Beautiful lake but not too organized folks who run it.

Beautiful lake but not too organized folks who run it.

We recently were Camp hosts at Little Thunder Campground at Lake McConaughy in Nebraska. Looking back, we wondered if it was a mistake to be hosts there, especially since it was our first time doing that job. We have since thought it over and come to some conclusions and learned some lessons.
I must say that the Lake is beautiful and when they are not filling it to save the North Platte river, is it gorgeous with a pretty nice beach. As the time approached to leave, the beach had almost disappeared.
First of all it was not a great experience for our first time. We never met the person who hired us on the phone. We never met anyone in charge, but the person who picked up the campsite fees and then we were there a couple days first. We had no written instructions before landing there and no contract which is a smart way to go I believe.
When finally we talked to someone, they told us it was only a few chores we needed to do. First off, not collect fees, but keep track of registrations and flip reserved tags. This was easy since this is a small park and only had 42 campsites. The problem we experienced is often the sheet with reservations was received by us after the fact. People already were trying to camp there or not sure if it was available. In at least one case, this caused us a bit of trouble.
The second basic job was to replace bathroom tissue and wipe off the sinks and counters. Quite easy since the rest was expected to be done by the bathroom cleaning crew. Problem was they did a lousy job some days. When we asked about it, we were told to get used to it. The result, we did the bathrooms, sometimes a few times a day when it was a full campground.
Let me soften my review with the fact that we received a full service site including sewer that had a $35 value a day. Our major complaint was how the park was run and the fact that no one really gave a darn about anything. We are certainly not complaining we worked too hard nor did not receive value above what we worked for, but that it was disorganized and took a long time to receive anything we needed.
Lesson learned was that everything must be spelled out and maybe even contracted so we could all understand what we should do and know before beginning.
We started working the day we got there giving out advice and directions though we had not been briefed and took little time off though others said we only were supposed to work 4 hours a day total for three days.
Our experience was not a great one as we were there for three weeks and had only a couple rain free days. We had several storms including one that ripped off our awning. The campground certainly can’t be held responsible for the weather but, after a horrible storm, lightning strikes, losing our awning and a couple tents and easy ups being destroyed, we worried about our campers. No authorities or rangers ever checked on the campers. We were the only ones to check their condition. This made me feel like no one cared and picking up fees was all they cared about.
Maybe I am too sensitive or picky to be a camp host since the conditions people left bathrooms and showers in was appalling.
We also felt the security level of the campground was questionable since there was really no one to enforce things since camp hosts are expected to not confront campers.
So back to the question, was it a blunder? I say no since we learned what is important to ask and get in writing. We now have something to judge other places against and know what is important to us.

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