The ‘Duck’ is in ‘Dry Dock’

Since we are visiting our daughter in Wisconsin while she is recovering from double knee replacement which she had done at the same time, we thought while here we could do some repairs to the ‘Duck.’

The ‘Duck’ is actually an old Mallard motor home which needs fixing daily. We left some stuff till we got here since we would be in one place for an extended time period. The more extensive repairs and remodeling will take longer than a quick fix in a campground.

My husband, Dan and son-in-law, Lee are working on the many issues but, our grandson, Kris, was indispensable in being able to reach the area and remove the So far we fixed the steering problems which included replacing a couple belts, fixed some hoses fixing some leaks, adding a new steering  pump and steering fluid. They are also working on some leaks in the old home to thwart the leaks we had in very stormy areas. This had been a pain in the butt, so much caulking and sealing is going on. Some major stuff was already repaired on this fixer upper.

Now they are working on some makeshift body work to enhance the ‘Duck’s’ appearance. This facelift will not make it look new but, will give it a better appearance till more projects are done.

I have decided that since restoring this to a new looking one will be as expensive as purchasing a newer motorhome, I am going to have fun. Using bright colors, it will at some future point look a bit like a Gypsy wagon you would expect as part of a caravan. The colors will be cheerful and a bit Bohemian. Though we won’t have pots and pans hanging from the outside nor a violin in the corner and a place to put the golden earrings or bangles, it will have the Gypsy feel that means freedom to us.

Lots of color, rich fabrics and patterns will be the basis for the transformation. It will probably not add to selling points, but we expect to have it for quite a while and then it may be too shot to be redone to sell.

At any rate, color is one thing I love and it can be changed fairly simple so does not need to be real permanent. Wish me luck on the creative crazy ideas that fuel every project.

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