Short Excursion to Stone Lake, WI

Three bottles of wine from Red Schoolhouse Wine.

Three bottles of wine from Red Schoolhouse Wine.

Yesterday we took a short excursion from Park Falls, Wisconsin to Stone Lake, Wisconsin. It was a fabulous little journey and would be a terrific weekend trip. The town is tiny but, has enough nice little shops and good food to make it worth your while.

We were delighted by a tiny place to lodge called The Front Porch Inn and even talked about returning just so we could stay there for an overnight. It was a charming little ‘motel.’

If you visit this little town, please stop at Maries’ Hideaway, a bar and grill filled with Green Bay Packer memorabilia and some of the best burgers we ever tasted.

We each had something different so among us we have personally sampled their cheeseburger, a full ½ pound of beef seasoned well and three napkins juicy. We had a patty melt, reported to be the best that person ever ate, a Philly burger with wonderful sautéed vegetables and cheese, a Philly sandwich , even the ½ size ordered was a lot to enjoy and of course, cheese curds. You should never go to Wisconsin and not at least try the cheese. Portions were large and not expensive and service great. Don’t miss this or your taste buds will regret it.

Another highlight of our trip was to go to the Red Schoolhouse Wine Shoppe. A unique feature of this shop is that they search the whole world for wines, many unknown that meet their qualifications for the shop. They must be delicious but, also moderately price. Most of their wines are under $12 a bottle, a very few up to $20. A perfect price for most of us who are not wine snobs but, want a chance to enjoy a variety. The kids found two bottles to bring home. One was Frost Bitter, an Ice Riesling and another California Riesling from Cranelake. We were tempted by a local wine from Spurgeon Wineries that was a Cranberry wine. I felt it was just the right balance of sweet and tart.

The only other place we stopped during our short trip was a nursery called Rolling Wood which had wonderful annuals on sale and a good selection of perennials as well.

We noticed lots of antique shops and ‘gifty’ places but, did not have the time to visit them. Next time,  because we will be back.

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