Family and friends visit can become a great vacation!

Our daughter Lori captured this bird in a photo. It is just one of many varieties that grace her feeders.

Our daughter Lori captured this bird in a photo. It is just one of many varieties that grace her feeders.


Sometimes, staying with family and friends is like a vacation since their locale is so peaceful, beautiful or close to nature. Such is the case as we stay with our daughter Lori and Son-in-law, Lee in Park Falls, Wisconsin.

The trip is due to a surgery which replaced two knees at one time and left our daughter needing a bit of help till she recovers a little more.

The setting is their lake side house which brings all of nature close to you as you enjoy the lake or the deck. It’s a small lake as many of them are in this area.

Since we have been here a bit over three weeks, we have seen a wide array of birds, many of which we never saw before. There is a good population of golden finches, purple finches, chickadees, hummingbirds, and some very interesting but, not yet identified species.

The lake is full of a variety of fish and Lori’s particular favorite residents are a pair of Loons. They call to each other often and delight us every time we hear them.

From the house or deck and along the roads close by we have seen countless deer many with babies and some are still spotted fawns. We also saw wild turkeys with their young. Looking out the window upstairs in the loft where we have been sleeping, I caught site of three huge, tall wild turkeys crossing the road by passing through the property. It was the first time I saw wild turkeys in all their glory as they stood at least half my size.

Bear is common in the area and Lee recently saw two bears each with cubs along a distant road. We are fairly sure bear have been in a nearby vicinity as our dog had at least one occasion of low throaty growly and hair standing up on end. We need to make sure all garbage is disposed of properly so as not to attract them here.

Being so close to nature is a treat and most wildlife are reasonably unafraid so you can observe them for a short time.

This area is one you, may want to mark on your calendar for future visits as it is a wonderful chance to learn more about nature.

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