Problems to overcome when full time RV-ing

When you think about full time RV-ing; you think of the glorious sights you will see. You think of the freedom you will achieve. You think about being your own boss. You think about saving money. You think about having control of your life. All these and more are the positives, but no matter how much you read or prepare for this adventure, you still may not be ready for problems that arise.

Let’s start with the fact you have a whole lot less room than you had first thought. Unless you are able to buy a very large RV, the amount of usable space is quite limited. Storage can be an issue and so can room to move around in. You learn to do the dance that accompanies almost every activity indoors. Add to this a few pets, and you can get a picture of the issues. There was never a question of giving up the pets because they are family and we promised to take care of them as long as anyone is still alive. In the beginning, we sought a longer RV and thought it was a possibility but, life has a way of forcing circumstances on you and at some point you must just accept it. The ‘best laid plans’ etc. etc.

The dance referred to above is just making sure you can get around something or someone to do whatever the task is at hand. Sometimes you must wait until a door is closed or opened to continue. The easiest way to do things or reach things is for everyone else to park their carcass in another place or move to the other end of the motorhome, which is not very fa away anyway. We are pretty careful about having everyone away from the area when coking inside so there are no instances of hot spills and resulting burns. It would be very easy to fall over a pet and that is one of the biggest fears. We don’t want anyone hurt. When possible they can go outdoors but, that is not always possible.

Another problem you should prepare yourself for is the lack of privacy. In order to be comfortable sometimes windows and doors are open meaning depending on the seclusion of your campsite, you may have a very close audience. As a person that values my privacy, sometimes I find this annoying. I love people but, on my terms and do not always want to share every intimate detail of my life with total strangers.

Another fact that probably is not one you have thought of when planning trips is that too much of a good thing can become less desirable. Everyone needs personal space. We all usually prefer some alone or quiet time. It is healthier for even very close couples that to get a chance to be on their own. You may want to have time and space to think. You may appreciate alone time to read quietly or play music loudly or scratch parts of your anatomy that is a solo activity and better done in private. Whatever the reason, your own personal space is important. You will soon fine that bathrooms or bedrooms in an RV are not great for protecting your privacy. I know at least one couple who leaves the motorhome when the other person needs to use the bathroom. What can I say, everything goes everywhere if you get my drift.

Even if you love being outdoors, there are times when this is not preferable such as in thunder storms or 95 degree heat. You are often forced to delay or cancel outdoor activities so you need to be prepared for that eventuality. Either be able to go somewhere else to find indoor entertainment or provide your own inside. You also may have a little too much of nature inside. You will need to protect yourself from   temperatures extremes so as to be comfortable, sometimes all at your disposal cannot remedy bad weather. Bugs and insects such as biting mosquitoes or annoying endless flies go with the territory in some areas. If you are fighting them inside and out, you will not find the degree of comfort you expected. These are small problems unless they go unsolved and then the problem becomes chronic and seems much larger.

With an older trailer or motorhome you may need to do constant repairs or solve problems that take lots of work or brilliant strategy. As with some other these molehills can become mountains.

A further problem especially in an older unit is that the appearance inside and out may be less than beautiful, you need to make your surroundings more appealing. This goes for outside as well as indoors. Where you set up can be a source of enchantment or boredom. You have the whole country at your disposal, don’t settle for mediocrity.

In spite of all these things, the lifestyle can be very enjoyable and rewarding. But make sure you give some thought to these things as they can make the difference between a good and bad experience.

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