Town with lots of heart!



Recently we attended a Christmas celebration in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico where we are wintering. This is a poor town with a depressed economy and yet the spirit of the place is magnificent. Walking downtown you are painfully aware of the large amount of vacant, closed stores. There are still many shops that are well worth your time and they truly need your support.

The spirit of the place is what struck me most after attending the second town event. They produced a Christmas celebration that should have made their little town proud. The happiness and love toward their fellow man abounded and they made a small celebration seem much larger.

The remaining stores were all open and each one had sales and looks that were inviting as most were decorated with creativity and beauty. Many shop doorways were filled with people gazing inside but some entrances to the stores were also peopled by musicians. Each offering their own sound to go with the festivities. Instruments and singers gave the feel of an old fashioned holiday that was accented by the friendliness of all you met.

Many stores, businesses and organization offered food, mainly cookies and cocoa or coffee. One of the churches, The First Baptist had a small, live nativity. They also had refreshments for free. There was a tremendous array of home baked cookies and it was really hard to decide which one to choose as I had sampled the fare at many of the other places and had to limit myself. They also made some excellent cocoa from scratch I believe.

They even had a small parade. Not many participants but, law enforcement had decorated their vehicles with lights. The Fiesta queen graced the parade as did Santa Claus who arrived in a firetruck.

We were inspired by the small town taking on such a project for their size and economic condition. As was the Halloween celebration, this was very well attended.

My husband and I, who are full time RVers enjoyed the evening and are very thankful for their efforts. We love your town.


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