All Gave Some- Some Gave All

Photos by Dan Wentzel



Yesterday, Dan and I visited the Veterans Memorial Park here in Truth or Consequences in New Mexico. It was a very moving and heart felt experience.  They have the Hamilton Military Museum at the same location, unfortunately it was not open at the time we were there.

The Veterans display on the outside in the park is a wonderful series of podium like marble bases with a plaque detailing each of the wars the US has entered into. The walks are arranged into a Congressional Medal of Honor shape. Reading these plaques was a very educational process. Each one described the reason we took part in the war, the dates for its duration and most horrific the actual number of deaths and wounded for the length of that particular war.

The outside is dotted with silhouettes that represent different branches of the armed service members. There is a replica of a Statue of Liberty display which honors gold star mothers as well as fallen police officers and firemen.

An old WW11 ambulance also is parked on the grounds near the front of the museum.  There also is a WW11 Anti- Aircraft gun. The museum itself is supposed to house all manner of military apparel, weapons and a large donated collection of other war memorabilia.

The biggest draw is probably a replica of the Vietnam Wall. Several of these half-scale models traveled throughout the US and this one has its permanent home in this Veteran’s Memorial park. It is a sobering thing to stare at the countless names on that wall and to also think about the fact for every name on there, there are moms and dads, spouses, lovers, children and friends who suffered when their loved ones were sacrificed. So many lost so much. There are 58,420 names on that wall.

There is also an eternal flame lit at night to memorialize all those who died to keep us free.

I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area.

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