A couple tips I found for full time RV-ERS

Our motor home is small and very old but, quite usable yet. At the time this was built, campers were traveling for only a couple days or maybe a long weekend and not many lived it in at that time. Most of the older motorhomes are not meant for full time living, so those of us using them must adjust some things to suit longer trips.

We found that this older camper is often quite drafty so I was looking for a solution since the air seems to be coming in at the walls on the outer walls by the bed. We have plenty of bedding that keeps us warm, but the air kept coming inside. My solution was possibly a bizarre one but, we actually used two clean, new looking but, used baby crib bumpers. We attached them to the wall using screws and this has almost completely solved the problem except for very, very cold and windy nights. It really doesn’t look bad, but you could use brand new ones and have some additional choices as to pattern. We found two soft, floral ones and it looks pretty good.

The second tip was since we only use the commode in the bathroom and have removed the rest of the plumbing in this old thing, we use the tub area for storage. We recently installed an extension rod to store out of season heavy coats. We also installed a broom bar which can hold cleaning handled items such as brooms, mops, etc. Ours also holds a plunger and a metal detector which never did have a proper storage place.

My biggest discovery was that the shoe bag hanging in the bathroom against the wall was not great for heavier shoes and boots so I turned it into a mini storage for a collection of things. I think the pockets work great for smaller bottles and little necessities such as dish detergent, small containers of Clorox wipes, extra sponges, spray and wash, and when smooshed a little paper towels. I’m sure in time more stuff will find a place there but still working on what fits well and can be stored in there. RV-ERS are always looking to find new storage solutions.

A third tip I found useful was borrowed from another RV tip article. I would certainly give the writer the kudos if I could remember where it came from originally. The writer was well aware of the difficulty in keeping a camper potty clean. Our old one tends to stain easily. She instructed her family to put an x of bathroom tissue over the hole inside the bowl. She first filled it with a little water then the x. It tends to flush more completely taking all the stain with it.

We still have not purchased a satellite for our TV so have one of those digital indoor flat affairs that hangs over the booth near a window. To adjust it the antenna has been secured with rubber bands to a swivel light nearby for easier adjusting. Not completely foolproof but, it works most times.

These are just a few tips we found helpful and hope they serve you in some way. If you have some tips you can share please do so in the comment section.

And good RV-ING




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