RV-ing in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

We have been in this area of New Mexico for many months now and have made it our domicile state, mainly because of its people. The people we ran into during the past year in and around Truth or Consequences were extremely friendly and helpful. Dan and I are rather old fashioned and still believe in good customer service and spreading the reviews of services good or bad. This is just one example of the great New Mexican hospitality.

I have shared that we are full timing and trying this experiment in an old and small motor home. We just recently celebrated our first year anniversary at this style of living and have had minimal problems with the vehicle up to this point since quite a bit was fixed early on in the journey.

Recently, it began to act up and misbehave. It would backfire and cough up hills. It was about to make another long journey through several states, visiting Colorado and Wisconsin and eventually ending up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Marquette. We would be traveling through the Rockies to see our son and his family in Colorado first and of course a motor home not liking hills would not work. We had mountains to climb, people to see and places to be.

After several phone calls, we were directed to Rio Grande Automotive at 617 Broadway in Williamsburg, NM just up the road from Truth or Consequences. The problem with the motor home did not immediately reveal itself. In fact, this mechanic and owner, Bill Rose, worked diligently at the problem for three days to find the answer and ensure our safety. He never gave up.

Since this was our only vehicle and our home we hung around their shop till others most likely figured we were new fixtures at the place. We have two dogs who are not the most obedient and these rescue dogs believe they must protect us from anyone or anything coming near. God is definitely not done with them yet. The owner and his wife put up with two elderly folks and two dogs hanging out with them off and on for three days. They had lots of patience with us and our menagerie.

Mrs. Rose also made us as comfortable as possible even putting chairs out for us in a shady location. She let me talk her ear off about all that was going on in our lives at this time and was a very good sounding board. She certainly helped pass the time away while waiting.

Besides believing this family to be a good example of what Christianity looks like, it is also a fine example of a hard working entrepreneur who wants to really fix problems and doesn’t shoo unpleasant jobs and their requesters away. The value of hard work and good customer service should never be scoffed at and this garage would definitely get an A + from us for their stick-to-it-ive-ness and treating customers right.

The short version of this is this facility fixed our problem at a very reasonable price and never gave up in spite of the obscurity and challenge of the issue. We thank them and will never forget the kindness they all showed.

If you need automotive help call Rio Grande Automotive where you will be served by folks that care-575-894-1777

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