Sickness in a motor home while traveling

The only times the motor home seemed like a wrong place to be was when one of us were ill. Suddenly your traveling home seems to be even smaller and have even less privacy than normal. If you are actually traveling it can become complicated if you need to seek out health care providers.

If you have a couple- hundred -thousand -dollar house on wheels, you can be fairly sure you will have comfort and privacy. We do not fall in that category and our small motor home is not big on room or comfort.

When you feel sick, you immediately search out all remedies and practices that will reduce your amount of pain or discomfort. That seems to be a normal process. We want to feel as well as we can as soon as possible. The whole reason for RV-ING is to have a life free of problems, restraints and boundaries. The freedom is immediately choked out when you feel bad or are suffering. Suddenly this lifestyle you chose is difficult and not what you bargained for, it is inconvenient.

Chances are when you went from a house to an RV, you greatly reduced everything possible. Most possessions were disposed of one way or another. This most likely included the medicine cabinet as room is limited and storage too precious to fill with ‘just in case’ items. You do not have a stock of all the stuff you had at home and that being the case means you may need to run out for those items you no longer have on hand. That is not always practical or convenient. You will have no choice if your condition warrants prescriptions or over the counter aids.

The fact that our space is shared with pets means that if laying down, you will be sure to have at least one of them laying with you. Sometimes cuddling is what you want but, not necessarily when you are feeling ill.

Traveling is also inconvenient when sickness strikes. If you are on the road and need a health care provider, it can be a large issue. Just explaining your situation could wear you out. Those you are talking to for the first time invariably don’t quite get it and use the wrong information or phone number. They may decide to contact you by mail and for those of us who use a mail service it could mean a long delay.

The confusion can be compounded by the fact those who are new know little about you and may not understand the results they have gotten out of context of a full medical history. They may be confused about who ordered tests or who should be contacted with the results. All this means a patient may wait unnecessarily for some advice or direction.

Just the logistics can be quite frustrating to get the treatment or care or tests you need in relation to where you are now and your itinerary. Arranging schedules and distances could be a challenge for a strategist much less your average person. If you add the problem of no ‘toad’ it increases the difficulty. Not every facility has the proper parking for motorhomes.

If you are visiting someone there may be changes as to how long you stay in relation to what is necessary for your health. It puts others in an awkward position and makes you feel like you are an ungrateful guest.

All of this blog was prompted by such a situation developing with my own health. It is something to consider when deciding to full time RV. It should not serve as a deterrent but, should be prepared for and thought out well.




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