Volunteers-What is the Agreement?

Most of us like to fill our time with activity but, when you’re full timing, every day cannot be a recreation day. Sometimes for our own well- being as a retiree, we must do something constructive. It is better to have at least some type of work when you retire. Experts claim it helps you live longer so that should be pretty good motivation.

I believe when you retire, you have already ‘paid your dues’ and now can choose work you do based on what you enjoy now rather than other considerations. Many of us love to volunteer as the urge to help people continues always. The most popular type of volunteering for full time RV-ERS is to be a camp host or volunteer at the campground. This can be a paid position but more often it is a stipend or free campsite in exchange for work. The hours can be anything you like from full time to a few hours a couple. Now, there are also many that work like any other job and pay you hourly. Each person knows what they need in this respect and you can choose where you wish to do it as well. It can be a wonderful situation if you have the correct information and understanding as to what the agreement actually means to both parties.

There have been a few situations since we started where the facts were not as represented. You need to be sure and even e-mails and phone calls can be misleading. The agreement needs to be sent physically with the exact duties and compensation, any other perks, what your camp site will be like and what there is to do for recreation at the place where you live as well as nearby. In some cases, you only get water and electric but, it is important to also have sewer connection since you need to stay there in that spot for a long amount of time and you may not be able to dump right there or will need to find someplace more convenient.

You need to know if you may have your mail sent right to the office at the campground since those of us with mail service can save a lot of money by having it delivered just once.

If keeping busy is important to you, you may really be interested in the size of the campground or park as that determines extra worked hours as do holidays. Many camping facilities get quite rushed off their feet at the important holiday weekends. Your duties may increase or they may hold events that will require your help.

For some of us, we wish to know what fish are in the body of water at the campground and can we without boats, fish from the shore or is that not possible.

You may be activity geared and want the resort type of camping where they have movies and dances, potlucks and contests rather than a do- it- yourself -entertainment state park.

Whatever is your ideal? Keep that in mind when you choose where to spend your time volunteering. After all, you are still retired and need the work to coincide with your adventure.

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