What to do when where you’re camping has nothing to do?

For whatever reason, sometimes we find ourselves in an area or campground with little to do. The reasons for this happening can be many. The brochure may have exaggerated, the place was once a hot spot but, no longer or maybe your choice was just wrong. In the last blog I discussed the different types of camping from desolate, outdoor survival site to a campground having all the perks of a fine hotel. It matters not why it happened as much as how you can handle it.

Try to get involved if you plan to stay for more than a night or two. Suggest activities and tell them you would volunteer to get them started. Hosts and workers are often overwhelmed with the must dos and have little time for the fun stuff. Most campers are anxious to take part in something if someone does most of the work.

You also need to take into consideration of the age and mobility of the average camper in that campground. Elderly people would love something to do also if they could find things that are within their abilities. Lots of children, they need more supervision for activities but, organized stuff for them might be a boon to the parents.

The usual kinds of food centered activities still hold charm for most of us whether it be a cook out, a weenie roast or a chili cook off. If you have a pavilion or rec center, it all can be done inside except maybe a weenie roast. So if the weather is inclement the fun can still go on.

Bingo, cards or a game night would be great. Have access to a TV- start a movie night and pop lots of popcorn. An ongoing puzzle to put together or a chess set left up may be a motivation for someone to join you that does not usually come to the events.

Try to see if folks are interested in an exchange- you can trade at no cost-books, games, video games, puzzles, music, movies, clothing, or miscellaneous RV supplies, even extra unwanted canned goods or food.

You may be able to organize a book club for seasonal or long staying visitors.

For more limber folks, organize a hike to study nature or birdwatch. Set up a scavenger hunt for teams. That way all ages and abilities may participate. You could offer a prize to make it more special.

Try to get those with interesting jobs or hobbies to present a short talk or program about what they do. You could schedule a couple each week.

Think about how you could use the surroundings where you are camping in a different way. You could even organize some day trips to see the local sights. Go out as a group for dinner or a movie in a theater etc.

Make the most of life and offer a choice from the not very exciting experience campers would have otherwise.

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