Hard to pass up a zoo in my traveling


 All photos by Dan Wentzel

Viewing animals is among my favorite activities. I am quite sure if I was not reigned in, I would need to stop at every zoo, much like I want to stop at every antique store, flea market and garage sale. If the truth be known, I like most animals more than human beings. Well, there are a few people who are special but in general it is not a lie. Animals are honest, loyal and fascinating. Zoo animals are also exotic so the rare opportunity to watch them up close and just be near to them is a privilege. I must admit, I prefer when they can be free and the people are contained.

Tall man1Tall Man2Tall twins

While roaming small towns in Wisconsin , we found the Wildwood Wildlife Park. We expected a smallish zoo but, now realize it is the 2nd largest zoo in Wisconsin. It certainly had a wonderful variety of animals. They have been in business for over 55 years and offer many educational opportunities for all ages. They have a couple of presentation shows daily, lots of chances to get up close to many animals and feed them. The facility offers train rides, paddle boat rides and a merry-go-round. You can view Muskie and feed Koi in a pond. There is a playground of sand called the Dino Dig where children can enjoy one of their favorite pastime sand play.


One of my favorite features was the Budgie Encounter /Feeding. The building is filled with hundreds of parakeets. Children may purchase a feeding stick which is just a popsicle stick covered with bird seed that clings to the stick. They hold it out to a bird and it will hang on and eat from it. Some kids were walking around with several birds feeding at once on their stick. The floor of the building is covered with birds who have evidentally learned to move out of the way of excited little feet. The birds are beautiful and it is such a great experience for little ones to see them up close.

TurtleBig Fella

Of course there are two spots to feed the hungry visitors and a gift shop for that special souvenir. You can even apply to be a volunteer. Wouldn’t that be a fun experience for a young person. Some of the park is wheelchair accessible, but they do not rent them. They have wagons to rent to pull the young ones around and a nice picnic area at the entrance


A wonderful day trip and near Minocqua,Wisconsin.



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