The End of the Full-time- RV-ing Experiment

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On June 4th or 5th, we will officially end our full-time RV-ing experience. It was an experiment I would not have missed, but now we feel it is time to resume living in something without wheels.

We will have lived this way, for 26 months and 5 days when we move into the house. We lived in an old, 1990, 25-foot motorhome. When we began, we had two dogs and one cat traveling with us. One dog weighed about 125 pounds. The cat got out at a laundromat and we never could find her again even though we looked for many months. Our big dog, developed cancer of the liver and when it spread to the brain we had put him down. We miss all our animals dearly and still mourn those we loss years ago. Anyway, the point being we were crowded, especially at first. However, we learned to live with it and managed the inconvenience.

At the time we bought this, we could not find what we wanted at a price we were willing to pay. Had the motorhome been a better one, newer and larger, it is more than probable it would have extended our full time RV-ing life. I say probable because I missed many things about my previous life.

When we left, we sold, gave away and got rid of everything. I miss my things. There is not enough room for our books, music, movies, kitchen equipment and our many collections. Though I will need to start over, I am excited to do so. I have started over many times before, but never at the age of 70. I will enjoy it. Though this lifestyle can be very economical if you use the state parks of New Mexico where we wintered but still afforded no opportunity to save money. We will rent a house, actually already have done so in Northern Wisconsin near our daughter and we will fill it with flea market finds we can repair and paint etc. We will avoid making bills and take advantage of benefits we qualify for and we will sell at flea markets and continue our hobbies that may someday be profitable. I write books and Dan shoots photos. We have many other possible things on our list to investigate and turn a profit.

I miss many things I had and have done in my other life and expect to have a leisure life without stopping, and doing nothing. I hear that kills you. I have the nesting instinct and want to decorate a home, be able to cook and create. There is not the room for such pleasures in this motorhome. I like to bake homemade bread and cook from scratch soup. Those things can be included now in the cookbook I am working on currently.

To sum it up I want to live in a permanent house again. I want to be a homebody for a while, but will eventually want to travel again. Shorter trips in the beginning maybe extended vacations later since there is so much I want to see. Our dog does not share our love of travel and will be happier in a house that does not move. So we will be homebodies again but never lose our thrill of adventure, it is just a new one. For those of you that followed our journey I thank you.

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