The purpose of this blog is to show some of the steps to get ready for the complete change of life style – full time RV-ing. Then to record and monitor our actual experiment.

The blog will be starting several months before the actual move to being a full timer.

 Some of the reasons for the decision.

  • Money – Our past which excluded big salaries, large amounts of savings or retirement planning.Much of our life’s work was in the social service fields which is not very lucrative.
  • Our early married years were plagued with much illness and little chance to earn extra money or reduce expenses.
  • Past experiences with full timing.Lots of reasons why they could not be as successfull-3rd times a charm
  • A freer way of life.The ability to live as you wish more than as someone tells you that you must. We can keep our values and compromise much less if we are in charge of our own destiny.
  • A chance to see something of our amazing country.Of course RV full timing is not a permanent or forever vacation, but will serve as one, still limited in nature, in the early months.Opportunities for travel throughout our lifetime have been scarce.We intend to remedy that now.
  • A less expensive way to live.We do realize depending on plans and many other factors, sometimes the cost will not be a great savings, but the plusses will outnumber the drawbacks.We expect to make full use of workamping and dry camping or boondocking and free camping opportunities.
  • A lessening of responsibilities and obligations.-No lawn work or much housecleaning.
  • As our bodies age, we know we wish to save our efforts and strength to do things we love rather than to make others more wealthy.
  • We wish to live a simple life unencumbered by too many possessions or restrictions.
  • Retirement will enable us to pursue other activities such as photography for Dan and writing for me. Excess time means we can also look into other hobbies.

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