Preparations for the big change

When we decided to go ahead with this life changing experiment, we decided many preparations must take place first. This is not a quick process, but we are giving it several months from our decision date. If all goes well the final move will take place about mid May of 2015.

None of these preparations are to be taken lightly since their complete and careful execution is what will mean the difference between success and failure out there.

This is a list which will be explored in detail as we move into this blog. Each item will generate at least one and probably more articles to fully explain our strategy. There of course is no certainty that it will all work as planned, but since we did this on a shorter term before, we already know some of the pitfalls.That in itself will help us to make more intelligent decisions and examine issues much more carefully.

Preparations for the move include, but are not limited to :

One major preparation is getting a better handle on our budget and that means getting rid of all debt possible.Paying off debts is a big one. We need to start out relatively debt free for this adventure. We have begun paying additional amounts, more than the regular payment on as many items as possible. We already know many of our current expenses will end when we move into the motor home. some will remain, but lessen and there will be new ones in a few cases.

Having moved many times, usually to make life better; we know how pesky many remaining possessions can be when you’re trying to leave. Just deciding what to do with what is a very time-consuming job. Either you must move them with you or get rid of all of it. This can be done by giving them to charity, selling them, gifting family and friends with them or packing them up to accompany you. With the concept of moving into a motor home, simplifying life is the rule, so many formerly prized possessions must be parted with. Of course storage is an option also, but that involves cost and we are determined to start with as little need for money as possible. Putting items into storage means moving another group of things into a safe place that may or may not be very accessible as you travel.Selling off items is my usual way of gaining some cash and eliminating too much stuff. Starting months early is my strategy for making more on items than would normally be gained by selling at a garage sale. This, right now, is a very slow process. If it does not work well, I still can sell these things at a garage sale.

We have already read many books about full-time RVing and the lifestyle. One of the first preparations was reading everything we could find to learn about the pros and cons of the plan and actual information about what works best. The library is probably glad this part of our research is at an end as I have been pesting them for months and ordering inter-library books forever.I will at some point include a bibliography of those that we found most helpful.

In addition to actual research and reading, we have spent countless hours just talking and planning the move. This is extremely valuable as each person’s concept of what this life involves or this plan means can be slightly different. A huge mistake is assuming you have exactly the same idea in mind, even when you have been married as long as we have been.

When I speak of actual research I am referring to checking dealers and ads to learn more about motor homes and deciding what brands we like and what features are most important to us. Even though a new motor home cannot even be considered, we can use those floor plans and features to guide us in decision making.Not only what we do and don’t want but, what we consider vital to a happy existence.Looking at motor homes even though unready to purchase is a step in deciding what we really need and desire.Buying used, we realize all will not be possible but, we can zero in on the most important details.

One idea we happened upon is to start to change things now while still living in a house. I am referring to ideas such as learning to cook less expensively and more simply, cutting down shower times and learning tricks for easier and lighter storage to name just a couple of changes.

Trying to get health in better shape to allow us to enjoy life more and lessen medication costs is yet another concept we feel important. What good is traveling and feeling free if your health thwarts all plans. This is one thing that cut our experiment short in the past.We are beginning to take measures which will result in less weight, less meds and better health now.

Attempting to change our mindset and learned behaviors to better enable us to adapt faster to the new way of life is necessary.This means easing up on expectations and stopping to really enjoy life as never before. challenging our ideas of what is important in life will result in an ease and freedom we never before knew.

Deciding where we want to spend time in this awesome country of ours is a fun element to plan. Talking to people and checking out travel sites and brochures makes it easier for us to eventually plan an itinerary for the first months or even a year including family stops to keep up with everyone.So exploring maps and tourist brochures has already begun in earnest though it is still to early to plan routes.

We have begun checking out workamping opportunities so that will go hand in hand with our possible routes and itineraries It is a bit too soon to narrow it down, so we are keeping all options open till we finalize some decisions. Due to age and some health issues, the work we plan to do in exchange for camp sites needs to be carefully checked so we do not promise to do anything we cannot deliver.

One fun new skill to learn is how to reduce weight in the motor home while making life easy and convenient. Looking for smarter ways to package and store what we take with us and purchase in the way of food etc. is actually entertaining.

We are also learning more about conserving water and electricity so more boon docking can be part of the major plan for saving money and resources of all kinds.

There is so much to learn and we are trying to soak up lots of info at this point in time. We will be sharing much of what we discover on this blog and hope some of it is useful to all of our readers. Remember we want this to also be a place you can share any information you have attained to add to the usefulness of this blog.Help us keep it interactive please.

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