Lake Sumner State Park- A Natural Spot for Wildlife

Every person that camps has different ideas of what camping should look like. Since people are different and so are there tastes one place that appeals to one camper may not appeal to the next camper.

For many it is the non-stop activity. They live to keep busy, get lots of exercise and test their own limits. this is the person who arrives for three days and brings the boat or the canoe, the jet skis or the paddle boards, the fishing rods, the bikes for the entire family or the ATVs. This person is constantly going and may do nothing but sleep in the camper. Their idea of camping is simply to have access to the lake or woods. To them leisure means fitting as much physical activity as possible into the time they have to stay.

The elderly more sedate camper may simply like to hang out. They enjoy the view and the solitude of watching the lake or the mountains. Many like us, probably enjoy observing and learning about nature.

Although there are three different campgrounds at Lake Sumner State Park, one is like you expect a modern state park campground to be with more traffic and attracts the most campers. Another is primitive for the survivalist types and the last one falls in the middle. That is called East Lake Campground. This park has a wild, natural feel. That is the one I would love to recommend. It has improved sites with electric and water but, its only drawback is that one has no showers. Some of us bathe inside our own camper and it is not such a problem. Dan liked taking a cold shower right under our hose on those 90 plus days. I felt it was a small price to pay for what we received as a camper. If you like the feeling of being away from it all and in a wild setting, this one is for you.

This is a very nice place and our particular campsite was terraced and after a couple steps you reached the lower level which resembled a back yard with a nice shade tree. We spent many hours in that spot getting to discover a whole variety of dragonflies in vibrant colors.

What attracted us most was the visit and spotting of wildlife all day long and every day. We could watch most of it from the comfort of our co -pilot chair inside our camper. We had three or four rabbits visit daily and we almost got to know which was which after a while. We watched them forage for the sweetest leaves. We saw lizards make their way across our camper pad quite frequently.

One morning as Dan was having his coffee, he felt like he was being watched. The door shade only partially covered the door and he saw some legs. Without startling the animal, he observed it was a curios doe looking in the window. Nearby were two other deer. We saw them several times over the stay. One night we noticed a series of three legs and determined they belonged to some very young racoons. Another time we saw a couple of coyote pups. They were fluffy and so playful. On yet another occasion, we noticed a full grown coyote finishing up some carnage on the road nearby. The signs said to be aware that a mountain lion had been sighted in the park but, we never saw it. most of the animals were tame enough to get fairly close and some we even got photographed. It was fascinating and a real education in the habits, habitat and life of all these wonderful creatures. We were so thankful to have been there and able to be close to God’s precious creations. It was a fabulous experience.

The rest of the experience of this rather remote state park was just as nice. It is a’ best kept secret’ type of place but, far enough north in New Mexico that it is closed during the winter. If you get a chance be sure to take a look on your travels.


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